Chomper can be installed on any Linux distribution. However, the installation has only been fully automated for Debian-based distributions. Automated installation scripts can be found in the Chomper Installers repo.

For each installation method, you will need to be using a user with sudo privileges.


An automated installation script has been created for Debian-based distributions (e.g. Linux Mint and Ubuntu). You can implement the script with the following command:

curl -sL | bash && source ~/.bashrc

Enter your password where prompted. The script will install all UNIX dependencies, install pyenv (a Python version manager) and put it on PATH, install Python 3.6.4 in ~/.pyenv/ subdirectory, clone Chomper into ~/chomper, and append a Chomper executable to your PATH.

Non Debian-based

There is no automated installation yet for non Debian-based distributions. If you are interested in installing Chomper on your non Debian-based distribution, I suggest looking at the automated installation script for guidance.

If you are on a non-Debian based distribution, want to install Chomper, and are willing to create an installation script for your non-Debian based distribution, please create a new Issue in Github Issues. I would be happy to schedule a time for us to work together to get Chomper up and running on your distribution.